Mental Health Issues We Treat


Drug & alcohol, gambling, pornography, hoarding, internet and gaming.

Coping with major changes, new job, school, relationship, injury or illness.

Ability to form emotional bonds, empathic and secure relationships.

Difficulties with concentration, attention and impulse control.

Feeling resentful, frustrated, irritable, abusive, intolerant or argumentative.

Feeling apprehensive, nervous, excessive worry or irrational fears.

Fluctuations in mood from extreme low ‘depression’ and high ‘manic’ episodes.

Feeling powerless, abused, harassed, threatened or intimidated.

Emotional exhaustion, pressure, cynicism,  detachment and inefficacy.

Identify alternative work interests, values and career pathways.

Persisting pain, headaches, migraines, arthritis, muscle strain, illness or injury.

Belief in one’s self and one’s ability to handle things or to succeed.

Clashing of interests in families, relationships or workplaces, or community.

Feeling sad, down, miserable, helpless, worthless, & lack of interest.

Family conflict and breakdown of marriage or de facto relationship.

Concerns about weight, shape, binge eating, purging and body image. 

Loss of a loved one, relationship, pregnancy, pet, job or way of life.

Positive emotions, joy, contentment, gratitude and subjective well-being.

Difficulty sleeping, frequent waking, feeling tired and unrefreshed.

Lacking connection and feeling isolated  or withdrawn from others.

State of psychological and emotional well-being, and absence of mental illness.

Technique to focus awareness on the present moment without judging.

Desire to initiate, guide, inspire and maintain goal-directed behaviours.


Repeated thoughts and obsessions, or repetitive compulsive behaviours.

Sudden episodes of overwhelming fear, anxiety or panic attacks.

Clarify values, character strengths, meaning and set life goals.

Extreme fear and avoidance of a particular object, activity or situation.

Delaying tasks & poor time management despite consequences.

Poor communication, broken trust, feeling betrayed or unloved.

Techniques to increase calmness, reduce stress, anxiety and tension.

Low self-worth, sensitive to criticism, negative outlook and insecurity.

Feeling overloaded and  wound-up when faced with excessive demands.

Feeling shock, denial, nightmares, flashbacks, disconnected or numb.

Harmony between work, personal interests, social and/or leisure time.

Productivity, burnout, conflict, motivation & job satisfaction.

Fretting, dwelling or being troubled by actual or potential problems.