Shareen Birges BASS, GDYMH, MSW Registered Counselling Social Worker AASW Approved Victims Services Counsellor

Shareen Birges


Counselling Social Worker
(Victim’s Services Approved Counsellor)

My name is Shareen Birges & I am a social worker who specialises in online counselling. I have been practicing for over 15 years & as a result, have a broad range of experience. I have worked with adolescents & their families, adults & couples. 

Due to my extensive experience working with adolescents and young people, I have developed an ability to work closely with families & other professionals, whilst keeping the boundary of privacy & confidentiality. I believe I am approachable & create a good balance between challenging clients & allowing their therapy to flow at a pace that feels comfortable to them. 

I am a registered member with the Australian Association of Social Worker (AASW) and a Victims Services Approved Counsellor. 

I am a person-centred counsellor. I tailor my approach to each client, which is why I spend a good deal of time getting to know my clients. I use a strengths based & trauma informed framework to support change in my clients & couple this with a biopsychosocial model of care. 

I work under both my Waves of Change Counselling organisation, through Victims Services as an Approved Counsellor and contract through Mind Health, a multidisciplinary practice in Parramatta.

About Waves of Change Counselling

Waves of Change Counselling works on the philosophy of accessible, affordable & sustainable counselling. Accessing counselling can be difficult & costs are often outside of affordability for many people. Waves of Change hopes to bridge those gaps & grow as a business that provides support for more people to support their biopsychosocial needs. It is important that mental health services become more accessible, affordable, and sustainable for those that need it & Waves of Change hopes to be a leader for change, both individually, professionally, politically, socially & on an industry level. Waves of Change hopes to be able to work with communities, professional organisations, industry lobbyists & politicians to create a community where mental health is less stigmatized & support is more readily accessible, affordable, and sustainable.

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