Clinical Assessments in Parramatta, Sydney

A Clinical Psychological Assessment  (or mental health assessment) refers to collecting information and drawing conclusions through the use of observation, psychological tests, and interviews to identify symptoms, provide diagnosis, and planning treatment.

This collection of information involves learning about the client’s skills, abilities, personality characteristics, cognitive and emotional functioning, social context (e.g., environmental stressors), and cultural factors particular to them such as their language or ethnicity.

A Clinical Assessment often conducted at the beginning treatment, but may be used for medico-legal purposes.

clinical assessment

What is a Clinical Psychological Assessment?

A Clinical Psychological Assessment is used to understand an individual’s mental health and behavioural problems and how they may be helped.

Three main purposes of assessment include diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment planning. Clinical interviews, behavioural assessments, checklists and rating scales, observations of behaviour, and standardised psychological testing are used to assess. Some tests that are commonly used for assessing include: mental status examination, psychometric tests, intelligence tests, personality tests, and neuropsychological tests.

Although it is recognised that each individual  unique, a diagnostic classification may useful for professionals to compare and make decisions regarding any mental disorders or illness, and to guide interventions. 

A Clinical Psychological Assessment will include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • A structured or semi-structured clinical interview
  • A thorough psychosocial life history
  • Mental status examination (e.g. appearance, mood, affect, awareness)
  • Review of developmental considerations
  • Review of current psychological, social and occupational functioning
  • Review of personality traits
  • Behavioural assessment (antecedents, behaviours and consequences)
  • Clinical testing & screening using standardised assessment tools
  • Diagnostic interpretation and prognosis
  • Treatment planning & recommendations
  • Reporting and feedback.

Mind Health can also assist with matching appropriate psychologists and/or the provision of psychological treatment services. 


Clinical assessments are usually run over two to four 50-minute sessions depending on complexity. Sessions include a structured clinical interview, observation, psychological testing, diagnosis, treatment planning, and a report preparation outlining all findings with recommendations.

Note: Additional time/fees may be incurred for detailed psychological testing e.g. IQ testing, personality and/or aptitude tests, when appropriate.

Included sessions:

  • Clinical Interview (1-2 sessions)
  • Psychological testing & screening (1-2 sessions)
  • Report preparation & feedback (1-2 sessions)


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Which clinical tests do you provide?

Following is an outline of validated clinical psychology tests provided by Mind Health: