Beginning your journey with a psychologist at Mind Health is a courageous step towards better mental health.  To make the most of your first appointment, here’s what you can expect and our top ten essential tips to help you prepare.

The Mind Health Experience:

When you arrive at Mind Health, you’ll find a welcoming and comfortable environment. Our modern consulting rooms are spacious and bright, and our friendly reception staff will greet you warmly. Feel free to browse the latest magazines in the waiting area or grab a coffee at the café downstairs. 

Building a Partnership with Your Psychologist

Your first session at Mind Health focuses on establishing a strong therapeutic partnership. Your psychologist will create a safe, non-judgmental space where you can feel comfortable sharing your experiences and concerns.

Together, you’ll develop a personalised treatment plan that addresses your specific concerns and helps you work towards meaningful change. With commitment and effort from both you and your psychologist, therapy can be a transformative and empowering experience. 

Top 10 Tips for Your First Psychology Appointment:

  1. Complete Intake Forms: Save time by filling out our Intake Forms online before your appointment. This helps your psychologist understand your needs and prepare for your session.

  2. Describe the Problem: Practice concisely explaining what’s bothering you. It may help to write down the reasons you’re seeking help and say them out loud to clarify your thoughts.

  3. Set Goals: Think about what you want to achieve through therapy. Setting clear goals will help you and your psychologist create an effective treatment plan.

  4. Allow Extra Time: First sessions may last 50-90 minutes to allow for paperwork and a thorough discussion. Arrive a few minutes early to settle in and unwind.

  5. Plan Your Travel and Childcare: Consider your transportation and parking options ahead of time. If you have children, arrange for appropriate childcare or discuss bringing them to the appointment with your psychologist. Visit our contact page for travel tips.

  6. Understand Fees and Rebates: Review our information on Medicare rebates, private health insurance, and other funding sources. Familiarise yourself with our Cancellation Policy to understand any fees for missed appointments.

  7. Bring a Notebook: Jot down questions, thoughts, or insights during the session. This helps you remember important points and track your progress over time.

  8. Be Open and Honest: Therapy works best when you’re authentic with your psychologist. Don’t feel pressured to share everything right away, but try to be as open as you feel comfortable with.

  9. Plan Self-Care: Therapy can sometimes bring up intense emotions. Plan some self-care activities after your appointment, like walking or engaging in a hobby you enjoy. 

  10. Book Your Next Appointment: Consistency is key to making progress in therapy. Before leaving your first session, schedule your next appointment to stay on track with your treatment plan. Visit our Appointment Booking page or Mind Health Client Portal for scheduling options.


At Mind Health, we strive to provide a supportive and effective therapeutic experience from the very first session. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to Contact Us. We look forward to working with you!