Life Coaching

Mind Health can give you the edge in coaching you towards your personal life goals.

Life Coaching involves helping you overcome obstacles to focus and progresssing your life, discovering your life purpose, meaningful values, character strengths, building your confidence and self-esteem, in order to create a life on your terms 

Life Coaching

Life Coaching by Mind Health

Mind Health Clinician have a background in clinical and/or coaching psychology and are well versed in positive psychology and wellness psychology principles.

Life Coaching with a Mind Health Clinican will help you learn to let everyday anxieties and concerns become a learning tool to get you motivated and primed for meaningful action.

Life coaching can help you learn to simplify your tasks, prioritise your responsibilities and time manage more effectively.

All too often we let life drag us down, we put off implementing that great business idea; writing that book; learning a new language; learning yoga; creating closer familiar bonds … because “there’s too much to do”.

Somehow, somewhere along the line we prioritised washing the car and buying shoes ahead of our innermost goals and dreams.

Is this what you want to continue doing?

With your Mind Health Clinican you will  learn to put YOUR goals and dreams first.

Personal & Corporate Life Coaching can:

  • Guide you or your business into the life and goals you’ve always wanted
  • Enhance and optimise your work efficiency
  • Unlock your true potential
  • Enable you to take action
  • Teach you how to simplify your schedule to allow room for new ventures, successes and happinesses
  • Assist you to reach your personal and professional goals, creating abundant wealth, health and joy in your life